For ten years, clients at Padiham Leisure Centre have enjoyed crystal clear, odour free and perfectly balanced swimming pool water, courtesy of a CRIUS® Pool Controller from Process Instruments.

Version 1 Pool Controller


Perfect Pool Control from Pi’s AquaSense Pool Controller

Having provided ten years of perfect control, when it came to choosing their next pool controller, the management at Padiham Leisure Centre chose to upgrade to the latest version of the CRIUS® AquaSense from Process Instruments.

The AquaSense includes some great features at a great price, making the decision to go with the CRIUS® an easy choice. This included:

  • Reliable chlorine measurement independent of pH, allowing the pool to reliably run at low chlorine residuals leading to a much more pleasant bathing experience
  • Independent pH control ensuring that the pool water stays in the ‘comfort’ zone for swimmers
Version 3 Pool Controller


  • Great control features including, for example, overfeed protection
  • Industry leading remote access
  • Variable speed drive control (VSD) – many pools always run their circulation pumps at 100% capacity but during periods of low chlorine demand, such as at night when the pool isn’t in use, this isn’t necessary. VSD can automatically control the speed of the recirculation pumps to meet disinfection demands, while reducing electricity usage and a site’s carbon footprint. Savings of over 35% have been recorded by some customers.

Perhaps most important in the management’s decision to go with a second CRIUS®, is that working with Pi’s excellent customer service team is easy, offering fast and reliable support.

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